1. What is F1 Visa? The F1 visa is a non-immigrant student visa that allows foreign nationals to study in.


1. What is the H-1B Visa? The H-1B Visa program allows U.S. employers to hire skilled foreign professionals in specialty.


1. What’s PERM? PERM stands for Program Electronic Review Management. It’s a process that U.S. employers must go through to.


1. What’s EB-2? EB-2 stands for Employment-Based Second Preference, a category of employment-based visas for permanent residency in the United.

EB-1A I-140

1. What is the EB-1A Application? The EB-1A application falls under the Employment-Based First Preference category. It is designed for.

EB-1B I-140

1. What’s EB-1B? The EB-1B visa is a sought-after U.S. immigrant visa category, designed to provide a streamlined path to.


1. What’s O-1A Visa? The O-1A visa is a prestigious U.S. nonimmigrant visa category crafted for individuals who possess extraordinary.


1. What is the O-1B Visa? The O-1B visa is a category within the O-1 visa group, created for individuals.

AOS & Interview

1. What’s AOS? Adjustment of Status, commonly known as AOS, is the process through which certain non-U.S. citizens can apply.

I-485 Expedite

1. What is I-485 Expedite? I-485 expedited processing is a service designed to accelerate the approval process of Form I-485.

Consular Process

The Consular Process, also known as Consular Processing, is a crucial step in obtaining a U.S. visa, including nonimmigrant visas.

I-601/601A Waiver

1. What is Inadmissibility? Inadmissibility refers to the condition where an individual is barred from entering or remaining in the.

Base Last Will and Testament Package

Base Last Will and Testament Package Our Last Will and Testament serves as a base package for clients who want.

Advanced Will Package

Advanced Will Package Our Advanced Will Package includes the documents that almost everyone needs. This plan includes: All services included.

Comprehensive Living Trust Package

Comprehensive Living Trust Package Our Comprehensive Living Trust package is an alternative to our Simple Will Package. It offers significant.

Medicad Planning Package

Our comprehensive Medicaid Planning Package encompasses these tools and strategies to ensure that our clients have a well-rounded and effective.

Estate Planning Add-on Services

Estate Planning Add-on Services We offer several add-ons that can be included with any of our estate planning packages or.


Trademark Federal Registration Services 1. What’s Trademark?  A trademark is more than just a symbol or a name; it’s a.


1. What’s Copyright?  Copyright is a fundamental legal concept that safeguards your creative works, ensuring that your original content receives.


1. What’s a Patent? A patent is the legal cornerstone of innovation, granting inventors exclusive rights to their creations. It’s.

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