Our comprehensive Medicaid Planning Package encompasses these tools and strategies to ensure that our clients have a well-rounded and effective approach to Medicaid eligibility while preserving their assets. We believe in considering “the whole picture” to provide the best possible assistance to our clients.

1. Medicaid Asset Protection Trust (MAPT):

A Medicaid Asset Protection Trust is an Irrevocable Trust designed to aid individuals who exceed the Medicaid asset limit in qualifying for Medicaid. It provides a structured way to protect assets while achieving Medicaid eligibility.

2. Medicaid Pooled Income Trust:

A Pooled Income Trust is an essential trust mechanism established to support individuals who surpass the Medicaid income limit in becoming eligible for Medicaid benefits. This trust efficiently manages income to meet Medicaid requirements.

3. Medicaid Spousal Refusal Letter:

In situations where one spouse requires nursing home care, Medicaid rules permit the other spouse to refuse to contribute their assets to the care of the nursing home spouse. We can assist you in completing the Medicaid Spousal Refusal Letter and provide guidance to safeguard the non-nursing home spouse’s financial interests.